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          PBT products application

           PBT products
          PBT is a kind of thermoplastics and has advantages of heat resistance, weather resistance, resistance chemical reagents, optimum electrical characteristics, little moisture pick-up and more shine. It’s widely used in electronics and electrical equipment, auto accessories, machineries, household apparatus; PBT along with PPS, PC, POM and PA are categorized as five major extensively-used engineering plastics.
          The company’s proprietary, high value-added and high-tech products like chips for bottles of carbonated beverage, water, water vapor, hot filled beverage, edible oil and PBT are in the forefront in terms of quality in the same industry nationwide and win many honors from the state and the Autonomous Region.

          Automobile, electrical and electronic industry:
          Due to the good processable properties of PBT, a large number of PBT modification technologies are researched and developed at home and abroad. Using nanotechnology, composite technology, polymer alloy and other measures, we can improve the impact resistance, flowability, flame retardant properties of PBT and its compounded products are mainly used for automobile parts, electrical and electronic components as well as decoration items in the car, household electrical appliance housing, more energy, more energy-efficient and more environment-friendly.

          Textile industry:
          PBT fiber is a kind of polyester fiber, it has the characteristics of high elasticity. Compared with other fiber, softness of PBT filament is better, more easy to process, better elongation and better dyeability , not easily deformed, not easy to be oxidized. In addition to the traditional application in elastic jeans, bathrobe, sportswear, more suitable for making special dress materials or high elastic yarn used for clothing.

          Film packaging field:
          After the technological transformation, PBT also can be used for film packaging industry, with properties of heat-resistance and resistance to moisture, more extensive application has been foreseen.



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